Monday, August 3, 2009

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chickenchica social calender

- sunday, august 2nd of the year 2009 -
- chickenchica social mixer -
- 6pm til sundown -
"fluff your feathers and preen your pretty selves for this flock to flock flitter fest. expect a bit of social climbing, challenging conversation and power play. pleasant ladies with kick back style will also be present."

"please present a special welcome to
miss lavender and miss bleu
our wee debutantes"
and so it went - the grand dames all in attendance - the mixing of the flocks and the introduction of the two youngest layers to the group. i performed the grand gesture - the opening of the door between the two large coops - ohhhhhh!

i stuck around for a good 40 minutes to make sure things did not get too rough. i figured there would be some ruffled egos and clarification of just who was top chickenchica. it went surprising well - i really was surprised - there was a bit of pecking and a couple of face offs but for the most part smooth sailing. i think the excitement of a coop now twice the size proved much more interesting to most. they scratched, they took dust bathes, they ate, they sipped cool water and munched on the greens i brought in for the celebration.

the girls then quietly moved to roost as the evening grew dark - each to the roosting spots they had enjoyed prior to the door opening. out of habit i am sure.

now we experience the first full daylight day together and i must say that i am proud and pleased with the behavior of the babes - all is going very well - yes there is still a bit of social assertion in play but for most, all is settled.
the chickenychica girls are officially off and running as a single flock of sixteen.

most of the ladies had been living next door to one another for several three weeks. i believe this fact proved a huge transitional benefit. they knew each other, they ate next to and drank next to each other, they were quite familiar. on the other hand miss bleu and miss lavender had been living in the metal shed coop and run prior to the mixer. this due to the fact that they were not yet of proper size to mix in with so many bigger girls. i figured that i would take advantage of the larger element of change - the mixing of the flocks - in order to slip the smaller girls in. the focus was not on just lavender and bleu and that also proved positive. they are doing fine - they get picked on a bit but that too should pass as days go by. i will pull them out if i feel things get ugly but i see no signs of that possibility. phfew!

i cleaned the metal shed immediately, set out new bedding, new water and new feed to ready it for it's newest family - the wee young baby layers. so once everything was ready i headed into the garage barn with a very large box, entered the brooder and one by one gently plopped them all into the tree pulped transport device. that took about ten minutes - the wee little welsummers are fast little cutie creeps.

once pack into the naturally recyclable transport device they traveled the long twenty five feet to their new high end pad. in went the girls one by one - ooooooooh! they were quite pleased - not a single one freaked out. they settled in quickly - i turned on the lamp hung high above and shut the door for the night - standing by and peeking in for a while of course.

no problem - they looked around a bit - a few of the wee wee girls headed directly outside! my gosh they are brave and after taking a look see, they headed back in. it was nearly dark. then in a period of less than ten minutes they were all cozied up to one another ready for a night's rest. cheers!

and while i was on the chicken social mixer - transport and relocation roll i figured it was as good a time as any to remove the partition between the brooder and cornish chickens in the extra large garage coop. i cleaned out the brooder - sweeping all the bedding contents out - gave it a good once over and proceeded to remove the partition. the cornish girls, lucky 13 and beau peep roo roo were very curious. peeking their little heads in through their door wondering if was safe to come in. several did while others decided on an extended bit of night air. once the partition was down, i set out fresh bedding and made my exit.

the cornish set to roost and the day set to a close.

it's good to be a chicken in the hippychick universe
big living space - excellent outdoor run space - yummy treats and a chickenmama who loves all her bokbok creatures

special note on today's featured artist
- YeeHaw -

you can find the most excellent art embedded in this entry at YeeHaw on etsy. i love the letterpress work by YeeHaw and purchase it for gifts as often as i am able. stop by the YeeHaw store on etsy and support hand made art. never heard of etsy? well get on over there - the site is a great and good collection of hand made works.
craftsmanship is reborn
- alleluia -

i will make effort to feature a new artist, craftsperson and/or exciting indiviual each week from here on out.

spreading the word good to good

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