Saturday, August 29, 2009

out for the day

out out out of doors - i was i was
determined - i was i was
not to be driven in by the heat

moved a hive to a blessed spot beneath the shelter of boughs live oak
dumped much compost at the feet of the fruity trees
moved blackberry sticks to sunnier more fertile grounds
now the blackberry sticks reside in the best parts of fruity bee pollinating orchard lane - of course of course

i planted miss hazel's american hazelnut tree in a spot fit for fine fine growing - someday miss hazel and i may set beneath her tree and watch a bit of chicken t.v. with cucumber sandwiches and tea and i'll hope the mosquitoes and flies will let her be cheery and free as a little z ought to be

took some time reading in the comfort of a chair in the fresh aire in the shade of the porch

now the sun sets and the creatures begin their too turning in and i to the company of mr. t my trusty kittyboy - my friend of all friends.

today was a very nice day - hot but not too hot and that a simple pleasure i am much thankful for.

happybirthdayinspirationalmom - love youuuuu - xoxoxoxoxoxo

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