Thursday, August 13, 2009

muddy socks dirty elbows sweat runs down my face

at last a full day in the garden thanks to the cooling effect of last night's rain. yes, my friends, it rained! not for long but hard and heavy while it lasted and that was good enough for me. i thought for the trees so desperately in need of a drink. i hope this small bit of rain will hold them steady for a bit. many show signs of stress and some have passed on to the better place that trees go when they pass.
i am thankful for the drink it gave the garden, for the fun i had standing out in the rain and kicking puddles while it fell, the coolness it gave the evening and the morning aire, the weight it lifted from shoulders wondering wondering would it ever rain again.

the rain barrels are once again full. the new water tanks are not - they are not yet connected to the house gutter system - i'll need help with that i have discovered - it's a more arms than i've got kind of thing. lucky for me there are folk interested, now it's just a matter of getting all the folk here at the same time to get it done. another ball of wax...

i decided it best to take advantage of our one cooler day to work in the garden
  • pulled weeds - many more to go - the weeds i deal with are traveling crab grasses - eiik
  • tore out all of the soaker hoses - alas the heat here has dried those exposed parts and cracked them open again - i will definitely need to investigate alternative drip irrigation - for now it's hand watering the vegetable garden
  • note - the tearing out of the soaker hoses proved a great way of turning and airing the soil - no need to do that job with the garden fork this round - i will make efforts to repair the hoses but that will not be a today project
  • moved various basil, stevia and rosemary plants around for either better light or a bit of shade or more breathing space
  • split and moved a few flowering red sage plants - these are a hummingbird favorite and do very well in our climate
  • cleared out several bean and cucumber vines that have given up to the heat
  • planted, watered and mulched a cover crop bed of buckwheat - also a favorite of the bees
  • moved 4 papaya trees and 1 blood orange tree to the east side of the home providing more space and good light for development - they are looking a little droopy now - i expect them to recover from the move in a day or two
  • planted out the first bits of the fall garden - carrot, parsnip, beet and kale
  • cleaned up the veggie garden area and watered the new and moved plantings in
at the moment, i'm taking a quick water break. it's still steamy out there and soon to hit triple digit temps before the day has ended but i am determined to keep going. i'll start again moving the compost from the big ole' pile in the drive to the various gardens and planting spaces about the place. i will get an area seeded with local native wild flowers today. we'll see if they come up later this fall and some we'll have to wait until spring for a sighting. each beneficial for good buggy bugs, for bees, for birds and for the pretty pretty sake.

i did pick up four gallons of raw milk today (delivery is every two weeks) - i am hooked baby and never going back to old grocery store stuff if i can avoid it. i enjoyed two small glasses of milk for lunch - figured if baby hazel can live off milk for a while then why can't i for single day? ah?

time to get back outside

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