Tuesday, August 18, 2009

mozz in the mornin' - waking with cheese

favored time
when day need not be rushed
waking gently stepping lightly
eyes focus adjust find clarity
favored light
breathing peaceful
quiet cool chickens coocoo
til' roo ah roo sounds his windy song
wakey wakey
gentle morning
gentle cheese
mozzy mozzy
fondle squeeze pull please

recipe here
for ricki carrol's thirty minute mozzarella

i am not using this particular recipe as i am using fresh cow's milk and would like to go for a richer more flavorfilled curd. i will use a thermophillic starter and lipase powder. for the recipe i follow this fine morn', please turn to page 136 of your home cheese making hymnal.

morning meditation
ivory vespers this promised eve'

cooked whey ricotta cooling
warms my heart

a veiled beauty in waiting


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