Sunday, August 23, 2009

making the most of a good thing

both the weekend and the summer break inch closer to their end. the big summer fixin' things around the place time is closing in.

ah! no matter we around the hippychick universe know how to make the most of our precious time. we live and keep livin' and do and keep doin'. each day as full as the next. we may be looking now at weekend projects, early morning projects and later evening projects for a while. that's just fine - give us time and we can fill it.

the heat - i must admit - kept a whole lot of "wanted to get dones" not done this summer. i just could not stand it - the heat that is - knocks a person out it does. that said the expected summer list fell short some but i look forward to cooler fall days to power on. that is if the cool part of the fall days ever come. we here in texasville are still living in the triple digit universe.

it could drive a soul mad - i tell you - mad!
gods of the universe - please just a few clicks - turn the heat down some - we are beggin' here.

the currents
sunday's completed projects -
  • mow front lawn
  • feed bees - both hives
  • clean and refresh garage barn coop
  • lay down saved up bags of grass clippings in the garage barn chickeny run
  • move chickens from metal shed to garage barn coop and run (bigger & better)
  • build roosts for garage barn coop
  • feed and water all creatures
  • water all gardens - sunday is our prescribed watering day
  • sweep up garage
  • sweep up walkways around chicken coops
  • wash floors
  • wash clothing & area rugs
  • host a mid-morning faculty working brunch
  • smoke lucky 13 - dinner with friends this evening
  • finish up syllabi's for classes
  • take out garbage (first time in three weeks - recycling rocks!)
  • sort eggs

then there are those tasks i did not finish this summer
i had hoped to...
  • complete the rainwater harvesting set up - the good news is that i have got some folks working with me - should be ready soon
  • paint the house - too damn hot
  • gutter system on chicken coop - new weekend project - the system will feed rainwater run off to orchard trees
  • fix the fence - tabled at present for lack of funds - saving...
  • re-insulate beneath the home - pier and beam - looking into the spray foam option - this bumped the fence down the priority list - still researching...
  • move all compost - bit by bit still going - evening and weekend project
  • install an exhaust fan on metal shed - no one is in there at present so no need to rush this forward
then of course, there are other tasks - mundane as they may be that require no present listing

on another note - i baked myself a cake on saturday in celebration of my paying off one of my two credit cards! it feels pretty darn good. now it's scrimp and save time to kill the balance on number two. i think i can i think i can i think i can - i will i will i will and so it goes. it is not easy - never is but i promise you, the satisfaction for balance zero is deep - try.

it's a good cake - organic vanilla cake with butter creme frosting - i soak each piece in cold milk before eating - super yummy yah yah yah. it is a very special day when hippychick makes a cake for hippychick. in fact, this is a first, but i do believe well deserved.

how i saved some summer bucks
- budget budget budget -
  • no vacation this summer outside of my most excellent visit with nieciepoo hazel z and with that i used airline miles to get there and back - excellent deal
  • put up a whole lot of food this summer - my own personal food bank
  • did not eat out but two or three times all summer
  • did not purchase boutique coffee except for when out of town & even then in small quantities
  • drove into austintown only when necessary - otherwise walked and/or rode the bike where i could near home
  • bag breakfast bag lunch bag dinner bag snacks and drinks - big savings here
  • began brewing my own kombucha saving big bucks for my latest vice
  • consciously rotate foods in freezer and pantry storage - if it's time to use it up then that is what is on the menu
  • purchase staple items in bulk
  • grow your own - even in this heat the black eyed peas and okra are kickin' it - next year, a lot more of each in this hotter than heck summer season - yihaa
  • invite folks over for a casual cozy relaxed home cooked dinner rather than a spendy night out - a whole lot of fun - room to move and comforting for all
  • recycle the store magazines before even looking at them - do this!
  • spend my time reading rather than at the movies or other such $$ driven entertainment
  • took to learning about the small town i live in rather than scout the outer limits for diversion
  • made efforts to use what i had on hand rather than replace or purchase new - not too hard once you get your mind thinking in that vein
now it's making those similar efforts in the context of the university environment - a little more planning required but i plan to do all that i can so that i may make efforts to pay down the balance on credit card number 2. it is a goal worth reaching - for sure for sure.

make the most of what you've got
it takes practice
keep at it
it is worth the ride

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