Saturday, August 22, 2009

the tale of lucky 13

this - the short tale of lucky 13
- - - - - -
of 13, 12 went to butcher
not lucky 13
lucky 13 gained stay
lucky 13 shared company of all the fine ladies
for weeks and weeks and many more weeks, lucky enjoyed the pick of the flock
day and night and night and day
lucky 13 lived the lucky dog life of a chicken rooster he did
then one day...
lucky 13 got to howling just a bit after 5
not just once or twice or thrice
lucky 13 got to singing in lengthy aria style
for lucky 13 this was not a passing phase
lucky 13 then got to howling at all hours
early morn'
early eve
with brief respit at dark of night
lucky 13 kept up the new callin' hours
aria after aria after aria after...
lucky 13 took a tour of the garden with me this morn'
lucky 13 enjoyed the comfort of petted ears of song of morning sunshine before...
suffice to say
lucky 13 ain't so lucky no more
lucky 13 will be smoked up fine in the morrow
so goes the tale of lucky 13

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