Sunday, August 16, 2009

good day whatever day it is/was...

the odd day out turned well
  • planted some seeds
  • picked up several italian leaf parsley plants for $.50 each - great deal! - popped those is the ground for bunny - parsley is his most favorite snack in the universe
  • set up the rowcover ribs and a shade cover over 4 of the 6 eastside veggie raised garden beds
  • deep watered each and every fruit tree - boy did they need the drink
  • creature care - everyday - twice a day
  • set two 'walkin' between the garden beds' brick pathways in the east garden and one 'get yourself to the middle of the keyhole' brick pathway for the new keyhole garden - hauling bricks is fun
  • put off moving compost for another day - needed a change
  • studied future practices for making the hippychick universe more sustainable - read up on food preservation; methods outside of canning and freezing and read up on permaculture methods - the study is ongoing...
  • took an evening stroll around the neighborhood
  • now hanging home with the kittyfolk
consumed a whole lot of water and information today - good good good

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