Thursday, August 6, 2009

girl you got your work cut out for you! co-op-ing compost

girl you got your work cut out for you!
so said the compost hauling truck driver before he got back in the cab to drive off.

yup today i accepted and paid for a truck load of compost - a full 14 yards - that's a lot of compost folks -14 yards is more than i will need - so why so much?

i figured since you have got to pay the delivery fee no matter what i may as well walk around to the neighbors and see if they wanted to get in on the compost while the gettin' was good. the plan was to co-op the compost. i have plenty of room in my super wide driveway for the dumping. it's also a spot making pick up easy.

three folk outside and myself will share the microbial soil goodness and a single delivery fee. co-op-ing is good for that. now it is a simple matter of folk coming over and pulling out their share. one of us (not me) owns a small mini loader with a 2 yard bucket making the breakdown a piece of cake.

that said, you know what i'll be doing for the next week or so - hauling load after load of compost. i put in for six yards and that too is a lot of compost. i tried to hold out this year but this relentless heat has surely eaten up any goodness left in the garden soil. the garden is surely in need of a lift before fall and this is it. i'm hoping this shot in the garden's arm will produce positive microbial activity by early or mid september. i'm sure there is activity going on now but that activity is going on wayyyyyyy down where it is cooler and safer for wormy creatures.

the plan is to simply pile this over the thickness of mulch. this keeps air flowing beneath the compost and allows for healthy draining. i'll then mulch on top with old broken down chicken bedding and/or grass clippings and/or leaves, it all works. i even have a few bails of hay out back that would do the job. mulch is easy.

in other news -
  • the kitchen is cool thank the gods - all this canning really heats things up i tell ya - it's not the task you want to be doing every day
  • my raw milk kefir grains arrived via post today - very exciting - i dropped them immediately in a bath of raw milk - secured a breathable cover over the top and set them on the counter - should have our first batch of kefir in 72 hours - excellent!
  • the only goods setting on the stove today is a small pot of fresh homegrown happiness - blackeye'd peas, stewed maters, garlic, onion and okra - yihaa - that will be dinner tonight
  • *ps - i later added a pint of sauerkraut and a small chunk of left over slow cooked brisket into the mix - excellent! this will last me a few days.
looks like 2009 is already blooming - so far we have adventured into
  • raw milk
  • cheese making
  • lacto-fermentation
  • kombucha brewing
  • kefir milk making
  • air drying goods for keep
  • putting up more peaches and maters than i ever imagined
  • finding ways to fairly co-op goods with friends and neighbors for the benefit of all
  • fabulous auntie-hood
  • crazy coop caper extension and wood pallet upcycling
i am sure we will encounter new adventures along our way - eyes open - check!

time to get my pack mule self out the door for compost moving - ehhhawww eehhhaww

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