Friday, August 28, 2009

an evening's progress

amazing the evening proved a lot less hot relative to the previous few days - so i got out and got to work - it was lovely - i hope the week end will prove temperatures beneath the 100˚ mark on the dial.

planted today
  • cosmos sensation mix
  • borage
  • baby's breath
  • dwarf coreopsis
  • calendula
  • thyme
  • mammoth dill
  • coriander - slow bolt
  • alfalfa
  • red leaf mustard
  • yukon gold tater
  • purple tater
  • climbing beans
  • lucullus chard
most plantings geared toward goodness for the bees
waiting now for a dip in temperature to plant further

set both above ground rain collection tanks in place

moved a bit of compost beneath the fruit trees - six loads - a good six or twelve yet to go

gave the laying ladies a fresh bed of hay in the coop - set the old bedding 1/2 beneath the fruit trees and 1/2 beneath a live oak - will cover that bit of bedding under the fruit trees with compost

moved the wee wee wee chicks into the metal shed brooder - these kiddos just days old
  • rhode island reds
  • barnevelders
  • ameracaunas
  • ancona
  • marans
good for an late afternoon evening's work - tomorrow i hope to continue - weather pending...

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