Friday, August 7, 2009

a composting we go go go

pack mule day 2

compost load by load by load

down the garden path

and into the beds

volunteer papaya doing quite well
the heat is good for something eh?
sweet taters oh sweet taters
peppers producin' fine wee pepps

a hippychick favorite
so darn cute

makin' it's way in the world

not cranking but producing just the same
in this weather
that's just about all i can ask for
okreee on the left - pumpin' out just fine

i am taking a little hottest part of the afternoon siesta inside and out from the blaring sun. it is intense out there. i had a steady drip of sweat pouring down my front and back and figured i had better seek shelter before experiencing any effects of heat stroke.

i did manage to get a good few loads of compost moved about the place. i cleaned out and reset the 75 gallon rain barrel in a slightly better spot. i will need to trim and re-run the gutter that feeds this barrel. i pulled the artichoke plants from out back and placed them in the eastside garden (that garden pictured above) where they might flourish better. i plan to move the kiwi vines to the east side garden as well but not until later this evening or maybe tomorrow morning.

then there is the 350 gallon and the 1000 gallon above ground water cisterns/tanks that will need hooking up. i have the 1k gallon cistern in place - i've got to get the final proper plumbing bits in order to filter the gutter's leafy dirty bits from the water before it enters the tank. if things keep going as they do, i'll have plenty of time before i need to worry for the capture of rain. i would love to be wrong on this count.

till tonight...

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