Thursday, August 20, 2009

big day in the hippychicken universe

shift - move - dodge - oh that's not so bad - hey she is singing to us - hey she is reading to us - hey she's spending the night with us - ah she is in petting us again - finally the two legged upright is off to sleep

shift - move - dodge - travelin' travelin' - she's singing to us again - travelin' travelin' to big town austintown - my oh my - i think we might be citygirls girls - ooh this is exciting!

out of the car - big garden girls - garden! garden! - let me into the garden - hey what's this - hey i know these other ladies - they used to live right next door - girls it's the neighbors! - hey girls how has it been going?

hey now she's trimming our wings with another really cool two legged upright - ooh more petting - ahh she's rubbing my ears - ooh that's nice - spa day!

girls check out this place - nice diggin' ground - a tree a tree a really big tree! - oh a dust bathing spot - water - shade - a garden with excellent greens right near by - ooooh this is nice - we are going to be happy here - prrrrrrr

yes it is true - i slept in the garage barn last night with the cornish creatures and with mr. beau peep salmon faverolle. why? well it was my last night with eight of these lovely ladies as they, in the morning, were to take new residence in austintown and i was feeling sad. yes it's true i am a sucker for all my creatures. i had grown quite fond of the former meaties - yes former - they grew too beautiful - too kind - too lovely - and they began to lay eggs - very nice eggs and i decided better to keep the ladies as laying hens and nix their meatie status.

then a call came from a friend in austin who runs a most amazing restaurant looking for laying hens - they needed more in order to keep up with their featured home raised eggs. i pondered a while... could i part with them? is this a good place for them? well that was not really a question - i knew they would be well taken care of.

finally, i decided to part with eight of my ten cornish ladies. i knew for sure they would be spoiled rotten and live a more than wonderful life plus they would become part of a restaurant family that grows food for the restaurant in a garden on site and supports local farmers by purchasing their locally grown and raised goods.

this restaurant family walks the talk of local and sustainable practice. and now the girls are a part of the goodness - what greater honor than to be a girl laying for a restaurant supporting the cause?

most important
they will be spoiled with fresh greens and garden goods daily
they've got it good - real good
chickenchica heaven!

the ladies settled in without a hitch as they now share space with seven other hippychick victory chickens that they themselves grew up with. family re-united. it is a beautiful thing and they are indeed truly happy. no panic - no pecking - nada - they slipped right in to scratching and digging and dust bathing. i could not have been happier. happy chickens living happy lives is a good good thing.

so upon returning home, i moved the two remaining cornish pullets and beau peep and lucky thirteen (the two hippychick rooroos) in with all of the other laying ladies. that too went off without a hitch - everyone is doing just fine - no crazy pecking order action - nothing. all is well.

the stars must be aligned for happy moving and family building today

on top of all this - a new group of baby chicks have moved in and are beginning their adventures in the hippychick universe. this round includes
  • 8 anoconas - anconas, which originated in eastern italy near the port of ancona, are an attractive, distinctive, white egg breed with size and body shape very similar to Leghorns. They are small, active and alert with black plumage that has some V-Shaped tipped feathers evenly distributed throughout the plumage. They are good foragers, considered non-broody and very good layers of white eggs. The black and white chicks are very eye appealing.
  • 8 marans - cuckoo marans originated in France. the outstanding characteristic of marans, which has attracted many buyers, is the production of extremely dark brown or rich looking chocolate eggs.
  • 8 americaunas - ameraucanas, known as the "easter egg breed", are a multicolored breed. they have beards, muffs and a normal tail with a tail head. ameraucanas are excellent, efficient producers of large eggs of many colors and shades including blue and green.
they are happily settled into the brooder.

busy day
good day
the day is not yet over but i can say it is full
full of good

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