Wednesday, July 15, 2009

trading up for health

-i am on a path i never thought possible -
the path toward less coffee, a lot less coffee, a lot less

the above photo is credited to spooning online mag

i know i know this hard to believe from a coffee-holic like myself. my chill day intake might cover volumes of 2-3 heavily iced pint filled glasses. on a busy day, i easily drink 3-4 pints of thick brewed heavily iced chicory/coffee with milk a day. on days that are really crazy, i might drink more.

after one of my longer hectic schedule stretches that may cover a month's time i feel pretty dragged out and the coffee stops working. then when i pull back the headaches come and they come in heavy and hard for a good week. i suck up the headaches. i know the headaches are the body's form of payback/withdrawal from the mass coffee consumption. the headaches are no fun but not terrible enough to keep me from downing more coffee the next time a schedule crunch kicks in.

the reality is i like coffee.
i like it's taste, flavor and smell. i like coffee iced cream. i like coffee hard candies. i like coffee mole sauce - boy that really kicks it - mole sauce with both chocolate and coffee - ohhhh baby now we are talking.

on sleep
i don't sleep all that much - sometimes i do sleep in - and honestly i am finding sleep more appealing as i age. the reality... sleep and i - we come and go in spurts. i do better with sleep these days only because my ability to pull the almighty all-nighter is dwindling as each year passes. if i could keep going i think i probably would. the idea that life is too short lives constant in the forefront of my mind. there is so much to try, to learn, to fail at, to observe, to share before turning in. i am a do-er. i am not a sit-ter. though when given a choice, i prefer to turn in early so that i am still able to enjoy my early mornings. i love my mornings.

mornings are quiet
mornings are creature time
i spend my mornings out of doors
mornings are clear thinking times for me

so what does the path entail?

the path entails trading up to kombucha and trading out coffee. i am a huge kombucha fan. i experienced my first kombucha via pure curiosity. i was immediately hooked. i like the bubbly, slightly acidic, not too sugary, cross between mild cider/soda pop characteristics. the stuff is pricey so my intake was limited to special occasions - post exercise treats - at which i noticed a good lift after drinking and the lack of crash as time tic'd on. over time, i found myself craving the stuff and decided to try a little test. i was out of town on a show with a pretty tricky schedule.

kombucha all week - no coffee - journal the resulting effects
i felt great all week!
i did miss my coffee flavor a bit but on the alert, awake front, i was trucking. i knew then i had to learn how to brew the stuff myself. so i started the research.
  • what was this stuff ?
  • how long has it been around?
  • what are the effects good and bad on the body?
  • how the heck do you make it?
  • when can i get started?
  • is it safe? what precautions should i take?
i found there are a whole lot of other folk out there sharing my experience. the following are links that provide a bit of insight to the above questions.

the daily table - adventures in fermentation
justin c mcintosh - excellent kombucha photo blog
cliff bar - what the heck is kombucha?
feel good eats - kombucha tea
food renegade - grow a scoby - - double fermentation - - health benefits
len porzio's - kombucha and the balancing act
organic kombucha - kombucha tea warnings
wiki - kombucha
make zine online - how to make kombucha

here is another great site brew dog blog
the below photo is credited to the brew dog

or you can perform your own search by trying the following
kombucha tea, scoby, kombucha health benefits, kombucha health risks

it is important to remember to always use incredibly clean utensils and containers when fermenting goods at home. educate yourself first - know the difference between changes in the natural scoby mother and the growth of mold - in this case knowledge is health! do your homework.

back to the path
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nothing i have ever experienced is easy or steady at first start

i imagine my path for trading out coffee and trading up to kombucha will be a path that rambles and falls and drives forward given my just do it type ways. i do not imagine to ever give up coffee outright. i see no sense in that considering how much i enjoy it's flavor. the goal is to drink less and like most humans, i am trading vice for vice. best to be honest eh?


Conny said...

I've never heard of Kombucha until now. I'm afraid it'd probably turn into some crazy science experiment sitting on my kitchen windowsill. I'm just not that daring and should probably stick with coffee (just less of it, like you).

There is a store nearby that sells nothing but ready-to-drink tea, and so I might just poke my head into the place and see if they have it. Best made by experts if I really want to know what it tastes like. :>)

shellywoman said...

whatever makes a person most comfortable works.

Kate said...

I am also a coffee lover and have never tried kombucha...but now I feel like I must!