Monday, July 20, 2009

the smashing story -lacto-fermented sauerkraut- part two

three short days later and the sauerkraut is ready! i guess in this heat, the process speeds up considerably. i was expecting a few more days needed for fermentation but not so. hey whatever works - it will keep curing and flavoring up in the fridge. this is a food stuff that only get's better with time.

beautiful golden color - a few fennel seeds scattered about - personal flavor preference
pack the kraut in the jars and mash it down just as you did in the fermentation container
pour off equal amounts of the juicy juice into each jar and cover
you are done!

2 medium sized cabbages put up a good 3 well packed quarts and a snack size 1/2 pint bit for later. off to the fridge they go

yummy yummy

you can do this - anyone can do this -
it is cheap - it is easy - it is really really really good for you

if you missed part one - never fear, just click 'here'

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