Monday, July 13, 2009

sleeping in - a hippychickenfarmer luxury

hippychick did not roll out of bed until 7am this morning.

the sun was up, the layer chickeny chicas were already chatting up the morning news, cars were rolling by outside of the bedroom window and i lay - stretching legs, stretching toes, stretching arms, opening eyes, closing eyes, feeling the silky sheets, the fluff of the pillow, observing the light bounce upon the wall all until the big yawn which often triggers my will to get up and get moving.

it felt nice sleeping in - a short vacation - a comfortable luxury i do not often allow myself in light of the creature needs. supercat was ready for waking too - he joined me as i ventured toward the makings of my iced coffee. he stopped at his chow, i stopped at my own.

once up, still bleary, i donned my rubber boots, opened garage door - hey! you're all sleeping in too. there they were, the dark cornish meaties (mostly ladies now) all lined up and sleeping on their roosts - plenty content with my later wakening. i opened the door allowing them passage to their run. not a one rushed to the call.

maybe it's the moon, maybe it's the day but sleeping in is a hippychick universe luxury not only i enjoyed this early morn.

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