Friday, July 10, 2009

putting up of foods continues

i picked up another great batch of over-ripe maters and peaches today.

i did not have canning on today's to do list but you want to put up your foods when they are at their freshest and today is that day - so canning it is.

the last round of mater soup pints are boiling away as i write. the day's result is good!
  • 13 pints of smokey tomato soup
  • 5 pints of sliced stewed peaches - sharing size
  • 8 half pints of sliced stewed peaches - individual size
there were plenty of maters so i decided to load the dehydrator with a batch of dark red mater slices for drying. these babies were amazingly tasty fresh upon testing - one always has to test - i can only imagine the intense flavor they will carry once dried - ooh eei happy days at the hippychick place.

that said the yard work is still in waiting. the grass is far too long and looking shaggy. the fence line needs trimming. the old tomato vines need cutting back and disposing of. the gutters need emptying yet again. the poor live oaks keep dropping leaves due to the fact that we are so very short on rain. i've got good for the compost pile. i've got a coop that needs cleaning. the garage could use a good going over... shall i go on?

the challenge is the three digit heat we are under the palm of. it makes most any task a tough one. i'm going out there just the same. i have allowed the yard to go just as far as i can stand.

off i go - i'll be back to fill you in on yesterday's super-fantastic - more than great meeting with a fellow local beekeeper and my new friend, mr. ft.

sweatin' time - it all pays off - after all, hard work ain't hard work because it's easy.

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