Saturday, July 18, 2009

ode for a bit of relief

a blessed 73˚degrees this fine morning - ahhh the relief is unbelievable. funny how this morning's break has made me aware of a tension i prep myself with daily before heading out of the door. today upon opening the door i allowed that tension to release - that was the first time i recognized it's presence. farewell heated tension i wish you long travels away from this home. i will be looking out for your return. i may suggest you travel further, travel longer, travel oh away from here.

i have opened doors and windows - mr. t and i enjoy our morning 's waking together on the screened in porch - the chickeny folk are romping and jumping and playing, they too are thankful for the balmy morn - wabbit wabbit is hopping - oh for fresh air wafting through the home, through the coop, through our hair and on our skin.

fresh air fresh air fresh air
a gift one must never take for granted

yes it will quickly climb into the 90˚s today but even then the climb not so high as in past days. maybe today - no a.c. - sounds lovely
i am off - more windows need waking

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