Tuesday, July 7, 2009

nothing like a clean house

boy oh boy this is nice

clean floors, the place dusted, dishes washed and put in their places, counters with space on them, all recyclables in the bin and ready for the morning pick up and the bathroom sparkle sparkle. all thanks to some good hard scrubbing with vinegar, lemon juice and water all around. i use this mix for pretty much everything. when i'm not using it, i'm using dr. bronner's soap and water. both smell fresh, are non-toxic and do a fine job.

for me, there is nothing like a clean house.

the cleaning of the house and a good hard rain do the same thing for me. they wash away stress. i like things in their place. i like clean floors though i'm not one to take my shoes off when entering. i sweep often, i dust not often enough, i don't do windows nearly as often as i should. cleaning windows i believe has become a lost art. yet when i do, it's the same 'ole mix - vinegar, lemon juice and water. best to use the newspaper to dry them off too. don't know exactly why the newspaper works - i think it works because it leaves not little bits of lint behind but that's just a guess on my part.

even when there is a good hard rain, i like a clean house. one does not replace the other. what a great deal it would be - a blessed rain every time i clean the house. i'd be cleaning two three days a week.

here's a little secret -
there are times when i choose not to pull out my cotton wet mop, the ring and twist type, the sometimes crazy folk wear the mop on their head type - yeah you got it. anyway, on those days when i don't have it in me to wring and twist and wring and twist, i cheat a little - i use a swiffer mop with the spray bottle attachment only i don't use the swiffer liquid and often not the swiffer pads. i do use an old empty swiffer bottle, i simply refill the bottle with my own cleaning mix and rather than using the pads, i just throw and old toothy rag down and the velcro on the bottom side of the swiffer mop sticks tight. i get the convenience without messing with the environment. it's a win win.

i finish with a confectioners confession - i ate iced cream today and it was goo ooo ooo ooood! ...vanilla


Conny said...

A clean house makes me feel happy too. I'm not a clean fanatic, but I do like everything to be put away at night and ready for the next day.

Most renewing/refreshing is having the windows open (just a bit) when its raining, that is, unless it's raining sideways. :>)

shellywoman said...

i love open windows!

if only it would just cool down a bit from our 100+ temps...

oh yeah, and maybe drop us a tad bit of rain...