Monday, July 27, 2009

never fear hippychick will soon reappear

been out on a vacation folks

i am visiting with little z the sparkling shimmering cutiepants pumpkin wee niece in my universe. i give her my attentions full out. no regrets for moment lost - oh no

blink a few times and i will be back. i have a story to share of a jam gone candy. oh well, you cannot win them all. for now it's back to baby z!

see you soon!

the photo - my grandpa holding one of his own wee ones back in the good ole' minner-soter days

1 comment:

Conny said...

Blink, blink. Will be happy to read more "adventures of..." on your return.

I too was on vacation. Just getting back on the 9-5 merry-go-round today and its exhausting.