Sunday, July 12, 2009

mater rube coloure

dried mater dried mater
shall i keep thee in a jar as you are?

shall i bathe thee in oil of olive fruit?

it is hard to believe the pleasure i presently take in the preparation of home grown dried maters. i revel in the intensity of color, depth of flavor and the wafting aroma they fill the kitchen with.

this i find a bit odd since i cannot ever remember appreciating store bought dried maters on any level. in fact, i have for years avoided store bought sun dried maters, sandwiches with sun dried maters and or dinner specials with the kind. so how is it this sudden shift?

i think it comes down to that which has been most obviously clear in many other like minded endeavors

those goods, organically home grown, raised by your own efforts, cared and babied for by you, the grower, the gardener experienced or new taste better. it is just that simple.


lots already accomplished for the day
  • water all chickens
  • feed all chickens
  • melon treats for chickens and wabbit
  • put away the dried maters
  • blend down extra melon, add honey and store in the freezer
  • can up the final bits of prickly pear jam
  • clean up the kitchen, put away cleaned dishes
  • stack up the pulled supers and frames from yesterday's beekeeping
  • emptied out the bird bathes after spotting pesky skitter babies swimming

lots yet to do
  • complete the lighting design for a show
  • homey lunch and/or dinner
  • work at a pace steady not frantic
  • enjoy the journey along the way

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