Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a little humorous play, positivity and smiles all around

facebook is what you make it - i am convinced


- you enter the fb universe intending to fight a cause then get ready for a bit of push back, a bit of off-handed humor and other serious thinkers prepared either to support or challenge your point of view

- you enter fb looking to be the center of attention then get ready for the day when you are not - enough said

- you enter fb looking to find old friends then get ready for other folk to find you too - like it or not

- you enter fb to share, laugh, lighten up and play then get ready for a whole lot of other folk wishing for the same

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

i for one have experienced a whole lot more humor and laughs in my life since connecting with friends via facebook. some of the folk i've known for ages, others are friends of friends who discover common interests or opposing interests or who just turn out to be cool to watch.

i find folks get more creative, more honest, more humorous, more direct and more silly as time goes on. the folks i frequently converse with are pretty darn good at making fun of themselves, have no problem admitting they are not embodied perfection, are pretty darn intelligent, carry great wit and style, cut to the chase, can be highly critical and care about family and community.

i see a lot of folk looking inside of themselves, looking outside of their own privately experienced lives, searching for ways to make positive community impacts

this, to me, is exciting
this gives me great hope
this i foster

people do wish to do good - we all struggle in the learning of how

i also see my friends all grown up, parenting, traveling, working, playing. i am able to bask in the beauty of their family photos and family stories - wee ones growing up and damned if they don't look just like mommy and daddy. i am able to catch up with my own family. i experience great writing from folk gifted with wit and insight.

i laugh out loud a lot
more than i can remember

so for all you folk avoiding the fb - that's cool - but if you do decide to check it out, decide first what you want your fb experience to be - then be that.

it's just like everything else - you always have a choice.
you surround yourself with who you are
be observant of the mirror

another thought
try the same in your daily life
amazing the changes you have the power to influence

i choose humorous play, positivity and smiles all around

and for folks who don't play that way
they don't get my energy
you have a choice


Kate said...

I enjoy facebook in a lot of the same ways. What is also neat is since I started the GreenerTrends facebook page, a lot of my friends have started reading my blog posts who are not very sustainably focused. I found that really cool :).

shellywoman said...

kate -
i keep a groovy urban homesteaders page on facebook

in regard to moving toward sustainability
- reading is the first step - a whole lot of folk don't think they are cut out with the talent to keep a garden and/or make sustainable progress - you just keep showing them that they can - that is what matters most - the trying

baby steps

i will check out your greener trends page