Wednesday, July 1, 2009

hot slow season in effect

well it's that time - central texas july - a.k.a. too freakin' hot and dry for the maters to keep at it without getting whipped by the spider mites - time. which means the fresh matermater train is just about to leave the hippychick station with a hopeful fall return.

i spent a short bit of time this evening topping the plants off to a little over 18" in height. i will keep them in their place in the garden and if all goes well, they might just throw out more shoots for a fall round of maters. there is the chance that they'll die off hot as it's been - we will cross that bridge when we get there. i discarded the trimmings and pulled a good bit of the bamboo mater support system up and out.

i have one last clump of maters still going. looks to me like they might go for another week or two - not quite sure. these are the yellow pear maters - prolific, tre' yumme' and tougher than most. i understand they are pretty darn good at reseeding themselves too so i've not made huge efforts to pick up every little mater i happen to drop when harvesting. it would be nice to see the little sprouts come up their own. fingers crossed.

the hotty hot hot garden growing goods now include
  • cow peas - a.k.a. black-eyed peas - white and yellow
  • christmas lima beans
  • red long beans
  • okra
  • green peppers - small fruits this year
  • eggplant - they are battling critters too but holding on
  • sweet potato
  • muskmelon - slow to fruit but growing steady
  • watermelon - slow to fruit but growing steady
  • cucumbers - i will be pulling up the early crop in the next few days
  • chard - struggling a bit but holding on
  • malabar spinach - hot weather climbing
  • amaranth
  • basil - four types
  • mint
  • oregano
  • rosemary
  • sage
  • sorrel - rockstar plants grow in all conditions
  • bunching onions
  • cardoon
  • artichoke - did not fruit this year
  • asparagus - beautiful fronds time - maybe a fall/winter harvest
  • lemon - great crop this year
  • limes - ditto!
  • zucchini - fingers crossed i get a few before the vine borers discover their tasty bits
  • papaya - growing steady - we'll seeeeeee
the peaches and apples are done. the squirrels took the best of the fruit harvest this year - not a single apple for me - they beat me to each and every one. i hope they were yummy. i guess i can assume they were since they left none for me - poo.

papaya in the background - basil in the foreground - black eyed peas in the middle

now i wait
and i hope that the green maters will color up
the already nicely blushed maters are currently in the food dehydrator
i see homemade pizza in the future

i whipped up another batch of yogurt cheese today
- this round with honey -
oh my it is fantabulousssss!

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