Saturday, July 11, 2009

helping da' beez when no rain = no flow

we have had terribly dry weather, no rain for weeks and weeks which means no nectar flow for the this case, there is no need to load extra supers on the hives. it's also a good time for an inspection to see how the buzzing babes are doing.

here are the goods
hood - hive tool - bee brush - smoker - matches - jar with sugar water - bee gloves
white board for stacking supers - frames - top board and such while i am working

lighting the smoker
notice that i have elastics around my wrists - this keeps the suit bee free

pouring sugar water in my sprayer
- candy for the babies -
keeps them occupied while i am working
readied in the top left of the picuture you can spy a small grease patty. ingredients inlcude - sugar - eucalyptus oil - crisco. the eucalyptus oil fights off the small hive beetle of which i have spotted lurking around my hives. i will place this on top of the frames in the top super.

securing the hood - very important
my sliced finger is healing up nicely - it's not perfect but working plenty fine for me

hello in there!
smoking each level before moving in
my gloves are wayyyyyy too big!

time to take a look
prying out a frame - bees incredibly calm today

this frame was nearly full with honey - no brood here
i decided to leave it in the super so that they could feed themselves when needed

back into the hive

two pulled supers and the queen excluder
still a few bees flying around - i tapped them out once all was said and done
remaining bits of sugar water - i'll drench the hive so as not to waste it

peeking in at a center frame
this is a nice strong hive - lots of bees moving about

this frame is full with brood and pollen stores
baby bees in the making
- good - good - good -
i have got to get smaller gloves, clumsy fingers just don't work well in the hives

- everything back together - less house to keep clean -
- happy beez -
- happy hippychick -

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