Wednesday, July 29, 2009

creature comforts

i had the most lovely time with wee niece hazely-z. she is a miracle in the universe that is for sure. i miss the pumpkin already. we took a nice nap together. i was there for her first bath. she smiled, she coooed, she gurgled, she slept, she held tight to fingers, she made faces and she warmed hearts. love her! she's a keeper that is for sure.

i am now back in company of mr. t supercat's warm and cozy heart. he missed me, it was clear the moment i walked in the door. he was on the ankle and in the lap and there was no arguing to be had about it. he's a big softie, a big blue smoke grey and white softie. we have been together a whole lot of years so i understand. he's now much happier knowing his daily cuddles are back on the schedule. i am happier too knowing my buddyboy is near.

opera kitty is pretty darn happy too. he is currently napping on the big bed - a favorite spot when then temps are high and the day is long. he even changed his evening prowling schedule to hang a bit longer with mama this early morn. his usual prowl time hits between 1:3oam and 2:ooam but lingered all the way to 4:ooam this morning sweetpea that he is.

even the chickeny girls were welcoming - all searching for scratches and cuddles of their own. it was nice. bunny bunny jumped right over and put his nose to my touch - cutiepie.

to my good fortune, each and every one of the creatures was more than well taken care of by my most incredible neighbors - truly amazing folk. i could not do what i do without them. they are special folk.

the garden suffered a bit - no rain to speak of - temperatures still soaring into three digits - dry and hot is a tough combination to withstand over any long period of time. yet even with the heat, much is doing well. the sweetpotatoes do not look bothered a bit and the papaya tree is really taking off. the cucumbers are eeking their way but production is low low low. the amaranth is looking lovely and the black eyed peas are setting pods. the eggplants are struggling this year in way i have not seen them struggle before. the aquamelons are taking off and i impatiently wait for them to set fruit for early fall picking. the basils are doing fantastic - so much so that i whipped up another big batch (six pints) of pesto this morning.

i gifted the creatures with a treat of amaranth, chard, melon, cukes and herb munchies today. i do not expect to see any leftovers in the coops later today. greens for goodies, who would turn that offer down?

the wee chicks are growing fast and many are soon to travel to their new families - cutiepies that they are. the meatie girls are growing slow and steady. i think they may be around for a while. hmm how clever are they exactly?

the middle chickenychicas should begin laying any day now. they are at twenty weeks. several cuddle real close to me when i enter the coop which in my experience has been a solid sign of a soon to be laying girl. they search out a bit of comfort and assurance before the big day. once they begin to lay they regain their independence. maybe they'll stay cuddly this time... for now, i'm on the lookout for wee first eggs. the first one is always exciting - for me it is.

the kombucha survived the week in the fridge - boy oh boy i am hooked on the stuff. i love it when it gets all sparkly like a soda all on it's own. the sour dough starter lost some of it's uuumphf so i decided to give it new life and turn it into a fresh batch of zuchinni-basil-rasin- molasses muffins. they turned out great - super yummy. nothing like eating your veggies in your breads. i'll be mixing up a sweet creme cheese frosting to top off the muffins once cooled. nummie nummie

on the docket - blueberry ginger jam

til' tomorrow...

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