Wednesday, July 8, 2009

cookin' cannin' shippin' and sharein'

today started off as most weekdays have so far this summer - watering the creatures, ice for bunny bunny, check through the garden, ready the self and off to the morning class in austintown.

this morning's garden granted me a great harvest of basil, red long beans and a few two or three hand fulls of okra. click went the brain - pesto! click went the brain again - pickled goods! yihaa -

i took a look in the pantry to see if i had enough jars - nope - got to get me some half pint pesto jars - pickle jars on the other hand check, check and check - we are good.

i decided to head to austintown a bit earlier than usual to allow for a stop at wheatsville the local food co-op to pick up my non-homegrown pesto supplies - olive oil, italian parmigiana cheese and almonds. they did have jars there but not in the size i was looking for. i knew they had them in bastroptown so no worries there.

already the day was exciting. class went well, students were great and frankly i'm a bit sad that tomorrow is our last class day - had a few meetings after class then headed home.

on the way home i stopped by the bastroptown producers market to pick up my long awaited kombucha babies - finally oh finally i begin to brew my own. i'm telling you folks, i am addicted to the stuff - gives me zing like no other.

i picked up my pesto jars and zoomed my body home. i gave bunny bunny a fresh frozen jug of water, checked on the girls and headed into the kitchen. pesto time!

hippychick's almond pesto - a really really big batch - not kidding, really big batch
  • *2 cups+ almonds
  • *10 -14 lemons - fresh not lemon juice - it makes a huge difference
  • *4 heads of garlic - yes you read that correctly
  • *parmigiana cheese - i used between 1/2 to 3/4 lb - don't buy the cheap stuff!
  • *basil - i filled a 1/2 bushel basket half full - fluffy, not pressed down
  • *virgin olive oil - as needed - i always eye this but probably 3-4 cups
everything goes in the processor, whip, zip, adjust for flavor, done!

*frankly the idea of exact measurement should not even be entertained here. i go handful by handful and/or i eye the consistency for best results. adjust flavor for your tastes.

next up - the season's first - pickled red long bean & pickled okra
  • i made this batch bread and butter style
  • i used honey rather than sugar
  • excellent!
the best part of all this is that i've now got my bestest favorite garden preserved staples loaded up in the pantry and the season is not yet over - this is good
  • mater sauce
  • pesto
  • pickles
  • sauerkraut
  • preserved peaches
  • sun dried maters
  • dehydrated leeks
  • green mater pickled relish - think hot dog relish - that's the stuff
everything else - bonus!

in regard to the shippin' and sharein' bit of the title. folks asked if i would ship. then more folks asked. then a few more. so... i decided to say yes - baby steps - this shippin' thing is a test - we'll see how it goes.

tomorrow i head out to see a beekeeper about a used hand crank honey extractor. i'm really looking forward to it. at long last, bee geek time with a more experienced keeper - woohooo!

bee geek - bee geek - embrace your inner bee geekdom!

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