Tuesday, June 23, 2009

whirring wooing wonderment

so the day passes and my thoughts whirrr around the idea of dear hazel. she is but a feeling, an image, an amazing wonderment of my universe. we have not met body to body though i have spoken with her often though.

i have wooed her as she sleeps as i sleep as we sleep. has she heard, i know not. i see her, i cannot take my eyes, my heart, my thoughts off of her. my life now happens around the idea of dear hazel.

what shall i teach her? what can i show her? oh how wonderful the idea to share with her. a walk - possibly talking or possibly quiet so that we might hear all around us, hear inside us or just to rest our minds and be for a while together. oh the idea of dear hazel, dear hazel, oh dear.

as the grinch's heart grew and grew, mine too grews further.

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