Sunday, June 21, 2009

victory chickens a future go & a bit about the empty bowl project

who knew my little plan to raise and sell rare and heritage breed chicken pullets would go so well? surely not i, that's for sure. well it's going and going well enough that i have decided to keep at it and give hippychick's gardens - victory chickens a future go!

just a week ago i was feeling the start of a panic coming on. i had 25 pullets at a ready age for healthy sale and 15 chicks on the way. hmmmm, what have i gotten myself into i thought? then out of the blue, interested folk started emailing and calling, excellent folk, considerate, thoughtful, true chicken loving folk. all of the chicken adopting folk i have had the pleasure of meeting are already keepers of a flock - no new chickenmamas and chickenpapas in training yet but that's just fine. i know for sure the baby girls have gone to knowledgable folk - i prefer to think of it as extended family.

i have asked each of the folk for family pictures and to keep me up to date with their names. i'm thinking i might like to do something nice for each customer as their girls begin to lay. i am waiting for the brilliat idea as to what that might be to come - not there yet. maybe a special card - maybe a special chickenychica treat - ohhhhhhh an idea just popped into my head - and the idea is....

maybe an organic special mix of grains that will provide good protein, vitamin and mineral rich tastyness that can be cooked up and enjoyed by the girls and thier fellow flockmates. yes! that's it. aha aha - happiness.

so there it is - hippychick's victory chickens - rare and heritage breed chicken pullets (7 week and older) is going to have a future. it feels good to help others preserve these special chickenychicas. it's good.

back to the coop expansion
it's looking most excellent!
pictures soon!

* a quick side - there was a question as to the origin of the bowl pictured in this post
to find out more, go back to the top and click on the chicken bowl picture or simply click on the highlighted text above
- it's an adventure!

here's a bit about the empty bowl project

there may be an empty bowl project near you
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- a positive solution oriented idea -
- creative efforts toward solving hunger-

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