Wednesday, June 24, 2009

two - gallon iced jug day

for wabbit wabbit that is.

wooooheeee it is hot. nearly 8pm and the thermo-reader is topping 101˚f - not nice and everybody is feeling it. some of us deal better than others. bunnies have a real hard time with heat and do best with a little extra care.

wabbit wabbit is much loved in the hippychick universe. he's the happy bachelor around these parts. he lives right next to the laying chickenchicas so he's got plenty of opportunity for chatter when he wants it. then again there is probably a whole lot of chatter he could do without but he's a good sport in the tolerance department. he's always first to hear the latest gossip - that must be a plus.

well in this hot too hot weather he needs my help and i provide. one frozen water filled gallon jug in the morning and one frozen water filled gallon jug late afternoon. i swear the boy smiles when he sees me coming. he scratches at the jug, licks the jug then settles his body right in next to it and rests. i have even upped the benefit by placing a small fan a few feet away. the boy has his very own air conditioning set up. not bad not bad - truth be told - i would not ask him to make it through the days any other way. i have thought about placing him in the garage but i am sure the frozen jugs and fresh air prove better.

we may get to a three jug day if it gets any hotter. in that case i am ready. i've got just that many in the deep freeze waiting. anything for a bunny smile. he smiles i swear! i'll do my best to capture the smile someday on film.

so there you have it, another good use for your recycled vinegar and milk jugs - making wabbit wabbits happy!

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Kate said...

I never thought about doing that with bunnies. I used to have a bunny and on those HOT days, I usually just brought her inside. I think she would have rather stayed outside with a jug of ice cold water though -outside is more fun, more noises and things to look at.