Monday, June 22, 2009

there's soon to be a z monster in the universe!

there will be a new little creature as part of our family's life today - miss hazel olivia a.k.a. little z or the z monster. she'll be born from the great love shared between my beer brewing, scientist, one heck of a good cook and a magnet for gathering good folk together brother and sister in law (hate that in law stuff) my sister cara who is a most generous volunteer reader for those with vision challenges, a hardworking gentle but tough booty nurse, a great laugher, a most excellent listener and a woman who opens her house and her heart to many friends.

her more than in love parents (who still after years of marriage sit on each other's laps and can never fit in enough hand holding time) met while hiking the appalachian trail so i would imagine that little z might have a bit of the wander gene in her making. she might love the outdoors, dig doggies, love iced cream, beg for s'mores, test a bit of daddy's very good for you brew before the proper age, watch art films with mama, tolerate her two aunts and one uncle and adore adore adore her spoiling grandparents who believe that nothing on this earth shines brighter than her two eyes and brilliant smile.

i myself experienced a rush of emotion yesterday. out of the blue i was overfilled with love and excitement and joy and astonishment and tears of happiness. my one and only brother is to be the father of this dear little girl - it's amazing. all grandparents are in attendance. my sister in law's sister is in attendance. this little sweet thing is surrounded by love that is for sure.

this is a new bit of emotion i never expected and it is more than beautiful. i cannot imagine how chris and cara are feeling - stay strong love peas! i know you will - you've waited a long time for this little girl to be a part of your life. i loooooooooooove you sooooooo much. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

ok now
you travel safe little z - we are already smiling - look for the goofballs in the room too bright - that will be us. love you wee un - more than any thought possible.

i love you!

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