Tuesday, June 16, 2009

take this! that should get ya.

freaking spider mites are driving me crazy - invading my mater patch - granted the perfect heat/humidity mix for their sex lives does not help much.

let's see
if i were to choose the all in the world is peace and love point of view
i might say rather

i am hosting a spider mite wildlife habitat in my mater patch - oh they are soooo happy there - they are eating and flaunting. it's free love man, coooooool

well guess what
it ain't free love no more

dr. bronner's used as insecticidial soap tonight
take that freaky spider mites
this generation is out of here!

granted, there will be future generations to reason with down the line
i've got more dr. bronner's
love the dr. bronner's man
it is cooooooool
and if the dr. bronner's does not do the job i'll move to a flour water spray. i don't need toxic chemicals to fight the mighty mites - i prefer to keep it organic.


*spider mite damaged tomato photo credit to infonet biovision.org


Kate said...

hahahahaha this is hilarious. I think I had a similar moment with ants once...

Miss Ash said...

So, what is your dilution rate with Dr. Bronner's? And do you have a particular scent that drives them away? I only have Lavender on hand...

And about this flour water! Do share?