Monday, June 1, 2009

sustainable chickenychicas


the chickenchicas are proving to be quite fantastic business ladies. with their help, i have just sold all the eggs they can lay this week and next. that's pretty darn good.

and there may be another eggy connection on the horizon - fingers crossed. if we keep this up, the girls will move toward supporting their own organic chow chow needs. yes we are quite aware that the egg business may not always flow so well but no harm in celebrating the now.

cheers for wee local organic egg sellers!

now if mr. supercat might get his tail and booty out of my face i might be able get a bit more down. ahem - excuse me - oh yes you are a cat - there is no mercy. o.k., best i guess to give attentions pronto and catch up with the blogging later.

- - - time passes - - - pet the cat - - - pet the cat - - -

ok - supercat is now plenty loved up and content to be hanging out at my side rather than between me and the computer key pad - smartypantcat! i don't know what kind of time window I am being granted so i better keep typing.

so next consideration - how many of the young heritage breed pullets will i keep? - how many will i sell? hmmmmm - i guess we'll have to see how things shape up. there is no rush to decide. we are doing fine now and i imagine we'll do fine later - this is not about big business - this is about growing quality foods for a happy sustainable life.

we keep some - we share some - we sell some - we barter. if i can keep that going then the goal is attained - it is really just that simple.

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