Monday, June 8, 2009

super-d-lovely-eggs now available - pullets too!

hooray! the chickenchicas at hippychick's gardens are providing beautiful fresh eggs daily.

what's inside? I am glad you asked. It's only the best for my organically fed chickenchicas. i feed the ladies coyote creek organic feed. they also enjoy greens, tomatoes and the occasional melon from the garden, along with any goodies they can scratch up with their own two chickeny feets.

cheers for local organic fed chicken egg sellers!

-- $3.50 pullet dozen (white, brown, bluegreen)

-- $4.00 large dozen (brown)

-- $4.25 extra large dozen (white, brown) -- these babies are big!

i sell by the half dozen too! just cut the price by half.

interested? *come on by or give me a holler to arrange a possible delivery or mutual meeting place. * you can email me @

and if you wish to raise your own
hippychick's victory chickens
nine week old organically fed pullets
available breeds include
* cuckoo maran * golden lakenvelders * welsummer * blue wyandotte *

* easter eggers *

$15 pullet
claim your babies now

  • limited numbers available
  • the price per pullet will go up as they further mature
also available -
dark cornish juvenile hens and roosters - i raise the dark cornish as a meat and egg laying breed. they are a great bird, smaller in size, energetic and are known to be fantastic parents.

$15 single bird
claim your pairs now

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