Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the slow drip

now that it's hot hot hot - i begin thinking about meals that keep you cool cool cool.

one of my ole' stand by summer meals includes a good herbed or honey sweetened cheese with whole grain crackers, sliced veggies, an iced chilled glass of tea and melon slices to finish.

not too heavy - fills ya up - makes great use of fresh out of the garden veggies and requires not the use of an oven.

so i pulled out several pints of the recent homemade yogurt - wrapped it up in multiple layers of cheese cloth (which in fact appears to be more a guaze than a cloth these days) tied the top. i then set the bundled future cheese out suspended over a dripping pot. soon enough, another batch of yogurt cheese at the ready for nummy nummy eating.

for now she's
- dripping dripping dripping the whey away

note - you can easily use store bought yogurt. i have done so myself - check it out here!

also - i save the whey and use it for baking bread, pancakes, bisquits and sometimes i just drink it - it's good for you. don't drink it if you don't like tart - it will turn ya. the chickenychicas would probably love it too!

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