Sunday, June 28, 2009

sir beau peep & lucky 13 now rule the roost

got up early this morning in an effort to beat the heat. today is/was butchering day for the cornish rooroos - all but one that is. the one of which i am naming lucky 13 is going off to a family here in town later today.

the other twelve are now dressed, cleaned wrapped and aging in the fridge. they were a bit smaller in size than i thought they might be at this age but i believe the heat has led all the creatures to refrain from overeating. i don't blame them. they are, on the bright side, a great size for the bbq-ing or grilling and actually they are a perfect size to feed two folks quite well.

it's a whole lot quieter around the hippychick universe now that there are only two roosters heading up the homestead - lucky 13 and sir beau peep, my fancy salmon faverolle rooroo. the two seem a bit stunned to have the girls all to themselves. i am sure in time, they will find the ratio of hen to rooroo quite pleasing.

on another note - i am almost finished with the coop expansion - two doors and a roof and we are good to load the shed girls, the two new blues and beau peep in. time to get out there and get it done.

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Kate said...

That is really fun that you picked a lucky 13. I bet it feels good to be done with the butchering! Sounds like a rough job.