Monday, June 15, 2009

hotty daze round' the hippychick place

the texas summer heat has hit and it ain't going away any time soon. this is the long hot run. it is in this current now that we discover who will stand and who will fall.

in the garden
  • we learn if we have cared too much or too little for a wee plant.
  • did we build them up strong and ready to face the harsh environment or did we coddle too closely contributing not to survival but great suffering?
  • are we prepared for the onslaught of baddy bad bugs?
  • are we truly organic farmers or do we crumble at the sight of an infestation?
  • did the planting schedule play out like clockwork or did heat hit before a fruit set and/or harvest had a chance?
  • we discover our own gardener metal for enduring the heat.
  • we discover, there is never enough cool water available on the really hot ones.
and if you raise creatures - then you've got to think on their needs for surviving this heat too.
  • have you got them in shade or can you provide a shaded area for an afternoon reprieve from the hot sun?
  • your creatures need proper ventilation and air movement - can you provide a fan to cool them down and/or to send the hot air up and away from the babes?
  • water water water water water - fresh and clean - d.a.i.l.y. - no excuses
  • i provide my bunny with a filled and frozen gallon sized water jug each day to keep him cool - sometimes he rests next to it - sometimes he rests on it - his own personal a.c.
  • i will often spray down an area inside the chicken runs for cool burrowing and dust bathing areas - also fun for chickeny scratching adventures
with heat comes flies - darn flies - lucky for us they are not the biting kind - not yet anyway
  • i keep several of the baited - you can fly in but you cannot fly out traps around
  • i keep several of the sticky tapes around too
in the bigger picture of general animal health, i keep an eye on the creatures.
  • i make effort to notice, aside from being hot, how do the folks look
  • anybody looking worse for the wear? out of sorts? not acting like they might usually?
  • it is important to keep in mind that heat exhaustion does not just effect us peoples. providing shade and fresh water prove helpful to all, peoples and creatures.

for peeps of the human sort
  • i try to work in the mornings and later evenings though this does not always pan out.
  • i find as long as i can move in and out of shade that i do ok. then again some days are better than others depending on how the humidity colors the heat index.
  • water water water water - did i say water? drink water - don't be a hero.
  • if you overheat - get to a cooler place and take a break - again - don't be a hero.
  • shorts, short sleeves, sunscreen and buggy spray for my sun sensitive mosquito magnet self
  • all of the above calls for a quick shower at the end of a long work day - just to wash off the muck - ei ei ei
  • some folk use umbrellas to block the heat of the sun - i myself do not have an extra arm for that
  • i did purchase one of those super large fans that i set up for myself when i'm working - the movement of the air is so very helpful - i highly recommend this option to folk.
so we go surviving the hotty daze round' the hippychick place. on my way out now to finally get started on the new chickeny run - the big expanded - spoil the chickens rotten run - yihaa!

- the run is another - upcycling - wood pallate - adventure -

here is a ditty about hot weather care for poultry from backyard poultry magazine

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