Tuesday, June 2, 2009

hippychick's victory chickens

hippychick's victory chickens heritage and rare breed pullets available june 13th.

these young girls are nearing nine weeks of age. they have been happily raised on coyote creek organic feed. if you are interested in raising your own chickens then give us a call. prices will vary with breed.

here are the breeds available -

* cuckoo maran - developed in france in the early 20th century. layer of dark chocolate brown eggs.

* golden lakenvelders - developed in germany in early 19th century. golden lakenvelders are not standard. layer of white to lightly tinted eggs.

* welsummer - developed in holland in the 20th century. layer of terracotta colored eggs.

* blue wyandotte - developed in new york state and wisconsin in the late 19th century. layer of light to rich brown eggs.

* easter eggers - south american breed. layer of blue green and tinted eggs.

also available - dark cornish juvenile hens and roosters

- i raise the dark cornish as a meat and egg laying breed. they are a great bird, smaller in size, energetic and are known to be fantastic parents.

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