Saturday, June 13, 2009

catching up - well not entirely

it's been a good few days since i have sat down and really hammered out the goings on of the hippychick universe. why? well frankly, it has been busy round' here.
  • i'm teaching a summer course
  • i've been taking a technology in classroom course
  • there are the daily at home goings
  • many outside of it all gatherings to attend
  • this weekend is full full full - not a single day at home home home
i have a talent for keeping myself busy. there is always something new to learn and/or explore, the garden most often benefits from a bit of attentions, the creatures inside and out require daily care and conversation, i am doing my best to be more social and visit out with friends more which has kept me from giving the house a needed good scrubbing and dusting.

despite it all, the good news is that things are quite nice.
i may be tired but i'm feeling happy. i am yearning for a full day at home i admit. the full day allows a good bit of tasking time and a good flow toward getting the work done.

truth is, there is never enough time so make the best of it.

i have started the morning making tomato sauce. the maters on the shelf were piling up faster than i could eat them which is never a bad problem to have. though this morning after picking another ten or so maters, i decided it might be best to put up a few quarts of sauce in order to assure they go their best use. so that's what's brewing at the moment. i'll be setting up the water bath in a short bit for canning and sealing.

- 5 quarts of sauce today -
tre' yumme'
i've also got good number of fresh beans that i would like to prep for the freezer. that job may need to hold off until later this evening. the day is packed and i'm already behind.

in less than an hour, i will be joining friends for a seed and plant swap before heading into austintown for theatre gig with the rude mechanicals - a very inventive exploratory theatre company - good folk for sure. after that back home and maybe then to the task of the beans.
i never did make it to the seed and plant swap - sorry friends
shortly after the initial posting of this entry, i noticed odd charges to my bank account. the remainder of the morning hours went toward the reporting of fraud
and the disputing of charges.
lucky for me the bank proved truly helpful
-not fun-
hey you jerky fraud people, stop the badness or i promise you that your bad karma bank account will knock you out!

big on the up and coming list
well it is soon to be butchering time. the dark cornish will be ready in a week. they are a much smaller bird than the red freedom rangers but that is a-ok with me. as many of you know, i am more than pleased with the dark cornish chickens. i just adore their characteristics and athletic traits. i know they are the bird many major chefs prefer. we will see.

you might also have noticed that we now have six chickenychicas laying. soon there will be eight more joining the egg donation club. the daily egg business is going quite well so far - fingers crossed business keeps up.

also on the list is the coop expansion. i have collected a good number of wood pallets. i'm not sure exactly how i'm going to use them, i suspect i'll use them for the run area rather than the interior structure. we will just wait and see how that all plays out.

it is time i get back to the sauce. it is looking good. time to set it all in jars, topping them up and setting the lot into the water bath.

here's to happy days and optimistic adventures!

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