Tuesday, June 23, 2009

so goes hippychicks victory chickens

all sold - not most sold - all sold
- never would have expected it -

onward and upward as the new chicks arrive
next up
hippychick's victory chickens - rare and heritage breeds include
  • speckled sussex - developed in the county of sussex in the early 19th century. layer of creamy to light brown eggs - 5 babies ( 1 already claimed)
  • dominique - developed in new england in early 19th century. not distinguished from the barred rock until apa standards were developed. most modern dominques may be traced to stock developed by a. q. carter after 1900. layer of brown eggs. - 3 babies (2 already claimed)
  • golden laced wyandotte - developed in new york state and wisconsin in the late 19th century. layer of light to rich brown eggs.- 2 babies
  • barred plymouth rock - developed in america in the middle of the 19th century and was first exhibited as a breed in 1869. layer of brown eggs - 3 babies
and a few who are not rare or heritage in breed but great birds to add to your flock
  • black sex link - is the result of crossing two purebred standard breeds; the rhode island red rooster and the barred rock hen. - 5 babies
hey there i need a logo! i have ideas but i would love to work with another artist. any great artists out there? contact me - throw me a look see at some of your work - let's talk
i love this idea

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