Tuesday, May 5, 2009

wouldn't you know

subaru sent the wrong parts - ugghhh!!!

so mr. garage mechanic is going to rig me up with third party parts so that i can travel to work. i may still hear some squeaking but at least the car will be safe to drive. i can pick her up in a few hours.

i was wondering what would be next - things do happen in threes
  1. facebook site hacked
  2. car needing repair
  3. wait all day - miss a student rehearsal - wrong part delivered
that's three. all should go well from here on out.

later today, mr. garage mechanic will drive to subaru himself and pick out and/or order the proper parts. once the parts are in he'll call and the car goes back to the garage. we are planning on an early next week return to the garage.

i thanked him. he said, i understand your love of the car, i have one too. aha! that explains some of the smartypants under the car subaru mechanicy mechanic talk. the nice guy part, that's just him.

going to be a hot one today - near 90˚'s with the heat index at 95˚- eiiiiiik - and tomorrow 95˚ with heat index at 102˚! noooooooooooooooo. ceiling fans ON! creature fans ON! waterers FULL! ei, ei, ei...


Miss Ash said...

:) Hopefully your string of bad luck has ended and provided brilliant contrast for the beautiful things!
Hey, want to be my facebook friend?

shellywoman said...

you can find me on facebook through the groovy urban homesteaders group