Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a wander round the hippychick universe

summer is here
at the
hippychick universe

morning harvest
daily eats

roses brush against my shoulder
throwing scent
calming calming

beans and cukes tower over the top

a wee caterpillar hangs quietly
butterfly bedybye land

meaties shadows whirring all about
daily dustbaths all around


Anonymous said...

Hi there - I'm new to chickens, and I notice you've got leaves all over the bottom of your chicken run. Ours is just the plain dirt. Tell me, why the leaves? Increased comfort for chickens? Fun to dustbathe in? Increased bug finding opportunities?

shellywoman said...

i like the leaves for the following reasons -

- the chickens with scratching in the leaves compost their own poo

- the composted materials are good for the soil below and promote worms colonies which are good for the birds

- yes it is great for dust baths

- excellent to keep smells down

- they bury themselves in the leaves in the summer to cool and in the winter to warm up

- good cushion under their chickeny feets

- helps to keep the flies down because they scratch in their own droppings

and it's natural

i also throw in salad greens, cut grass, chopped up weeds that i pull and goodies that they munch on.