Saturday, May 9, 2009

an update with iced coffee and a happy cat at my side

as written in the earlier sleepy-eyed-half-awake-just barely walking so as to take care of the creature needs - post, the past week was over full, exciting and a source of great thought, contemplation and pride for many.

an ode for
artists, students, colleagues and friends
ut theatre and dance design and technology

rarely do i speak of my teaching life on this blog - on purpose - as this blog is about home life - but i think this past week and up and coming two weeks special and worthy of a post. this past week was the last week of classes for the theatre and dance graduate and undergraduate students. many of you may think - well that's a time for winding down - teach the last class and d.o.n.e. - well not in the case of theatrical design and theatrical technology - we just go and go and go and go bloodshot eyes and all. we are a people of great creativity, hard core work ethic and unexplainable endurance.

this week entailed the presentation, defense and passing of five design and technology master of fine art degrees (rock on! candidates and now future colleagues), the formal faculty/student portfolio review of over 25 graduate and senior undergraduate design and technology students, the setting up, manning, lighting and curating of a design show (huge event all planned, produced and featuring the design and technology students {amazing!} and the hosting of a formal design show party with invited guests of honor and open to the public folk.

Add on top of that interviews with possible new faculty candidates, follow up private meetings with each of our concentration students (for me, lighting), the passing in of all class materials (oh yeah!) and nightly technicals for a multi-media, dance, theatre performance that opened just last night (congratulations nathan and zachary - beautiful lighting fellows).

oh yeah and there are faculty meetings galore in and around all of this too which equals, for me, anyway - bloodshot eyes and a mad desire for a continuous flow of iced coffee - imagine that.

pretty freaking astounding i tell you. i could not be more proud of our team. the students are truly outstanding, community oriented, fully supportive of one another and bonded in the most positive of ways - they are extraordinary.

later today they strike their work and i expect for many the physicality of that action may leave stomachs feeling a bit empty and may trigger a sharp adrenaline drop. do not fear young artists of the universe - the taking down of work does not signal an end. the taking down of work signals a new beginning. the taking down of work gives way, gives space and gives air for future creation.

i found myself teary eyed several times through the week in awe of the efforts put forth by all. what we do is often considered beautiful but how we do and the sense of community that we create in which to do is greater, is to me, the ultimate beauty.

artists matter so deeply to this universe - we are generous - we are observers - we are community creators - we are reflections of you - we will continue to be.

for you my deers - cheers - and my mr. t kittyboy here cheers you too.
i raise my iced coffee with great joy to you.
and you, my friends know the significance of iced coffee in my universe.

the university commencement is next
look for the superb lighting
that will be created by our students
haaaaaa! and the crowd goes wild...

no sleep til brooklyn!

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