Tuesday, May 5, 2009

trying out the pipes!

one of the dark cornish meaties is giving his crowing pipes a test run.
so freaking cute.
i cannot help but light up a big smile.
good day ahead.


Toby Linzmeier said...

Someone else with Dark Cornish! Love the pics of little Jumper. We raise Dark Cornish in WI - our second year having hens brood chicks and they are AWESOME moms. Isn't it funny how they get the "turtle necks" when they are changing feathers?

shellywoman said...

i love the dark cornish. each and everyday i think, hmmm, maybe i'll keep five or maybe eight or maybe...

they are spritely creatures with a curious way about them.

jumper is the current top dog though there are two other roo roos who daily challenge him. so far he's still the man. i have a feeling he'll win out as the long term man too.