Saturday, May 9, 2009

sweepy sleepy eyed mornin'

oh my what a week, even now my eyes heavy and just cracked open. hippychick is exhausted. still, hippychick got up in order to allow the creatures out to play and roam and scratch the ground for the yummy treasures they may find. ooooophff.

in the moment
the clock reads 7:09am
the cucumber vines and bean vines have grown beyond the trellis height
tomatoes are blushing on the vine while several lay ready on the kitchen counter
beans are blooming beans producing beans for dinner beans for freezer
we are in the midst of high bean season
melon vines are stretching about wrangling over hill and dale of compost-ville
cosmos flower cosmos tower, cosmos taller than i
peeper peppers yet tiny green buds but yet the buds are there
soon to be fruit as the bees now fly
and the arch bee entry pollen yellow
chicken chicken chicken
each coop it's own group
meaties happy - cheery dark cornish - flighted fun athletic creatures
egger layers pleasant ladies scratching deeply dust bathes yet to take
and the big creature hippychick - she in need of winks more sleep
vows to check in later today with photos and tales and messages of how the hippychick universe fares that she keeps.

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