Sunday, May 3, 2009

saturday turns to sunday

saturday proved positive -
move dirt out of the house, move dirt, compost and mulch around and in the garden. the challenge proved to be me keeping my own mucky shoes off of my freshly mopped floors. hippychick as her own dirty floor monster.

sweet potato patch ready for slips

east garden beds thoroughly mulched ready for hot hotty days

pulled out all lettuce greens (sad)

gave the chickens and wabbit the pulled greens

sat and watched the bees for a bit - very active now

loosened the soil where the greens had been -
great numbers of worm colonies

planted in six more eggplant transplants

moved a few peppers around for extra breathing space

trimmed lower leaves off of the artichoke plants

compost compost compost

cleaned all floors inside the home - sweep and mop

washed all laundry

dried all laundry on the line - perfect day for it

folded most of the laundry - put none of it away

clean sheets on the bed

called it a day

sunday -
today started off with an early bit of rain - soft and comfortable for sleeping - it has passed now and the cool temperatures feel quite nice - excellent for dozing back off for a nod - still quite a bit to do around here - nothing too urgent - maybe today i'll slow a bit - maybe as it's not one of my finer honed skills. for now, a bit of coffee and a croissant with butter and jam.

4:14pm - already - hmpf?

the day started with my picking up four 9" turbo fans for the chickeny creatures and a smaller 7" fan for wabbit wabbit. upon my drive home, i noticed another pile of most excellent wood pallets. i had room in the back of the car so i pulled over and packed them in.

the outback coop run extension looks like it could be shaping up fairly soon. as the gods provide the goods, the run slowly but surely takes shape. the plan is to give the girls a 12'l x 4'w x 6'h run as soon as i find the day to make it happen. that and wabbit's new digs are for another day.

i mounted each of the fans in the coops and set them up on low. the fans will help on several fronts.
  • keeps things dry & less humid (i.e. less smelly)
  • gives the creatures a breeze when the day's heat kicks in
  • helps to deter flies and mosquitoes
  • helps chickenmama stay cool when she's cleaning up the coops
  • helps with overall ventilation
i picked up some sticky fly traps too. the swirly pull it out of a tube thing. they may be old style but they work. if anything drives me batty, it's flies flies and more flies. adios flies - welcome to stickyback lane.

once i got the fans and fly bits set, i made my way to the metal coop to upgrade the nesting set up. i had two nests sitting on cinder blocks which takes up floor space and really does not set the height of the nests right.

so i pulled the cinder blocks out, mounted two shelf brackets and set a cut just to the right size piece of plywood across the brackets. walla! i then placed the two nesting boxes on top and set them in with two small screws in order to make them stay put.

all the while, the girls were out and about in their wood pallet run having a grand ole time. they had been toying with the idea of playing outside for days but never actually ventured out until friday late afternoon when i set out a nice big waterer at the far end of the run. even then the majority of the girls decided better to stay in the shed. today everything changed. they were out before i started working and they've been out the whole darn day scratching and picking and nesting and dust bathing it up - perfection!

i placed a proper locking device on the pallet run door in order to keep out our smarter than the average bear - raccoons. they frequent our place. they can look but oh no, no, no, they cannot touch. better safe than sorry - if you love your chickens - plan for smart creatures.

the meaties love the out of doors. they are out first thing in the morning and they don't come back in until just before the last bit of light gives way. they love their run. i've been reading up on the dark cornish and i have learned that given the opportunity, they would roost in trees rather than travel inside. i understand that. they are quite an active bunch. they love to run and take flight. they are not gaining too much height yet... yet.

i've been thinking about enclosing the top of the meatie run so that i might offer them the option of staying outside all night and me the security in knowing they are not jumping over the cuckoo's nest. i've entertained several plans for enclosing the meatie run in my head. each of them would work but i am searching the brain now for the most eloquent and critter deterring idea. that to come.

i cleaned up the garage today too. things had gotten way out of hand. i would take things out of the garage and when returning things - just place stuff anywhere. bad hippychick bad. well it took me a good 3 hours but i did get the garage pretty spiffy and and and i can fit the car inside - wohoooo! it's been weeks since i've been able to do that. sloppy hippychick.

ahhhhckkk! as i write, opera walks by with a large lizard lizard in his mouth. i guess a gift for mama. good kitty - oh boy... yup it's a gift. he's placed it on the steps and he's singing away working for my attentions. tis the season. eaiiiiaacckkk. i will pretend i appreciate his efforts of course.

now i think it's time i get my self a bit spiffy. enough sweeping and scrubbing and folding and putting of things in their proper place. it's time for a nice iced tea and dinner. what shall we have? no, no, not lizard lizard.


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