Saturday, May 16, 2009

rain delay

i cannot believe it. we are getting pummeled with rain! i'm not complaining, no way. part of the yard is flooded, the rest sopping wet and the rain, well the rain still falls. the temperature has dropped considerably which is lovely and there is even a healthy bit of wind blowing as part of the mix.

i'll take all the rain the universe wants to offer. looking at the next ten days, it looks like a whole lot of nothing. so bring it on today rainy gods, bring it on.

i'm calling a rain delay!
i was not able to get to the bee hives before the rain began to fall which means the install of supers may have to wait until tomorrow.

i did get one chicken coop cleaned out, the coop poop into the compost pile, half of the lawn mowed, got the new wabbit wabbit home moved to it's new location as well as give a tour of the place to an interested local family. not bad not bad.

now it's cozy time inside mixed up with some sitting on the front porch time with a book. good weekend exercises. it's a sloow down hippychick day.

what do i say?

1 comment:

Robert Ede said...

Nothing like the sound of rain on the roof.

Take care, Chick.