Friday, May 22, 2009

open urban homestead

come join us for a casual sunday gathering at the hippychick homestead.

sunday may 24
4pm - 7pm

there will be light eats, friends, creature visits, garden walk abouts and nice places for some slow sittin' and chattin'.

you will meet folk from austintown, bastroptown and areas near by. we'll be celebrating the beauty of the season, graduation for ut austin theatre and dance folk, friends for friends sake and those who just want a peek around the place.

* no pets please - just small, medium or larger sized humans *

the eats for the parteeee

- meats - slow roasted ancho ginger seasoned brisket, grilled chicken, grilled elgin sausage - roasted veggies - corn, squash, onion, chard, maters -salads - cucumber & strawberry salad, potato salad - sweet slaw - sides - chips, salsa, sour cremes, tortillas - yummies - pie - apple, peach, cherry

beverages - YOU BRING THEM!

you can find hippychick gardens in bastrop texas
the place looks a little something like this
email me for further details
but with a whole lot more vines and flowers
use your imagination and add summer growth!

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