Monday, May 4, 2009

the monday smackdown - oh but she's up and ready to fight!

interesting day

i woke up early, took care of the creatures and watered a bit of the garden before heading inside for a shower and breakfast. the morning was absolutely beautiful - cool temperatures, nice sunlight and perky morning birds flitting about.

once cleaned up and fed, i signed in to answer emails and work on a few projects. i kept myself focused on the job which means keeping myself away from the blog and general surfing. i had about an hour before i was to head to the mechanic's garage for an oil change, air filter change and inquiry to the intermittent squeaking noise heard while driving as of recent and the intermittent smell of oil upon returning home. please do not allow the oil smell to be relatied to the head gasket, please do not allow the oil smell to be relatied to the head gasket - i pleaded with the gods.

once at the mechanic's garage, i explained the sound, the location and the conditions of the moments i had heard the squeaking noise and smelled the oil. of course, it was not squeaking on my way to the garage. the guys were cool and told me they would give me a holler when and if they found something.

it was not 15 minutes and i was called in. uh oh - these folk usually just explain things to me. they don't actually call me in - ka ching! please don't be the head gasket. i just asked, is it the head gasket? oh nooooooooo, the man said, your engine looks great. (thank you gods of the universe) he continued, your problem is underneath the car. he then went on to explain that he does not want to buy a third party part - what i was about to see was a job requiring a subaru part only. what this fellow did not know is that i would have insisted on subaru parts anyway so we were in agreement so far.

then he shown a light underneath the right front corner of the car - it's in the drive shaft area he said, the bezzle blah blah blah blah blah, drive shaft blah blah blah (i have no idea all the technical talk going on but i decide this guy knows his stuff) he comes back down to not a mechanic talk - the squeak and the oil smell are all the same problem. the connection from your drive shaft to the wheel has snapped and the oil from the bezzle or baffle or whatever is leaking on your exhaust causing the oil smell. (ahhh, that must be great for the environment, i thought silently to myself, sorry environment) we have to replace the parts.

this is bad yes? yes he said but definitely something we can fix - good thing i brought the car in yes? yes he said - i'm not driving out of here today yes? well maybe he said, let me see if i can get the part near by and we'll do what we can.

hours and hours and hours and hours go by. i sit, i walk, i read magazines that i have no interest in. the parts guy from subaru should have been in from austin, i am made to understand, by now - my cool mechanic guy calls the subaru folk three times checking to see the cause of the delay - each time the subaru folk say the part is on it's way. well, around 4:15 the part shows up. granted i have been at the garage since 9:30am. fun! then my friend the cool mechanic walks over to me and said - no you will not be driving out of here tonight but you should have the car mid morning tomorrow as long as you bring it back later in the week so that i can check on things. ok i said - no other choice at hand.

we then talked cash - ouch! but so much better than the cost of searching out a new car. miles better than the cost of searching out a new car. besides, i love my subaru and looking at things big picture, this is fine - part of the love...

i walked home. cool mechanic guy offered me a ride but i was feeling a bit cabin feverish so i opted for the walk.

ei ei ei i thought - damn i thought - breathe i thought - there is good in this - let's just find it.

ok - nice day - nice walk - tanked on my student's rehearsal (bad, not good, let's find the good) - nice day - nice walk - stop by the river and breathe a bit - ok the good, the good. this is the good. the reality is that i definitely now have no extra money this month but i am not to worry because...
  • i have a shelter that i love
  • the garden is in high gear providing plenty of fresh home grown veggies
  • there are yet a few beers in the fridge
  • there is plenty of chicken in the freezer
  • i've got a good supply of coffee and milk
  • i make my own bread these days
  • and we've got eggs eggs eggs
  • plus there are the goods in the pantry - pickles and jams and dried goods
  • a variety of food needs are covered - this is quite excellent - no way are we going hungry - not even close
  • the mortgage for the month has been paid - check!
  • this month's bills have been paid - check!
  • i've got plenty of chicken feed and wabbit food to get through the month
  • all creatures have proper shelter and i've 5 bails of hay ready for bedding needs
  • looks like all the basics are covered
the good is the planning and the prepping and the efforts hippychick has made so far to cover her butt when she really needs some covering. i was smiling big and all calmed down before i even made it home. life is just fine. it's just another be careful with cash month - ah we all got plenty of those i joked with myself - what else is new? come on girl get back up we are ready to fight.

as i turned the last corner home, i notice opera kitty sitting on a fence post waiting for me. ahhh, a hug from a great guy - just what i needed. inside i shared another hug with termite kittty. we all enjoyed some dinner, some quiet time and for me an unplanned pleasant night at home.

looks like i'll be getting up early to walk back to the mechanic's garage. i've already parted with the money for the fix so that stress has passed. should be a nice walk...

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