Thursday, May 28, 2009

meanwhile back @ the homestead

meanwhile back @ the homestead
hippychick carves out time to
  • feed the bees
  • increase the size of the entrance for the bee hives
  • water all the creatures all the time - more heatie heatie more drinkie drinkie
  • pick maters, cukes
  • eat maters, cukes
  • plant more bush beans and pole beans
  • water the garden - similar heatie drinkie effect as with the creatures
  • collect eggs - now six a day - weeee!
  • post a fresh eggs sign on the picket fence - no takers yet then again i have not been home to know better - i have been out fighting house bill 2649 - see below posts for info on that
  • eat chocolate - not exactly home grown but super yummy
  • chat with the creatures in the early morn


Kate said...

That is awesome that you have your own beehives. How long have you been doing that. Is it difficult?

shellywoman said...

just a few months - it takes some learning just like anything else. it is not a fools rush in type of project.