Monday, May 11, 2009

kats up!

my bloggin' mojo is shifting to later evening entries. achkkk! i much prefer morning reports but my oh my it's been crazy busy so evenings will have to do. just the same, life though busy, is good.

the heat does not seem to be letting up. the hope for future tomato babies is now in the hands of the gods. i remain positive but one never knows just how hearty the mater babes are when day temps exceed 90˚ and night time temps exceed 70˚. fingers crossed and wishes to the mater mater kingdom of the universe - please please let the maters set. for now, i enjoy the blush of the maturing spring set yummies.
the sweet taters, the melons, the peppers and the okra on the other hand are eating this heat up. all of a sudden woooooooooooot their growth has taken off like a shot. there is a time, turn turn turn, turn... and so far the squashes are still kicking along. i remain skeptical but they might just do well - don't know, don't know - the squash vine borers are ruthless down in these parts.
still owed - the weekend report
as read below saturday was a bit slow. my body exhausted from the week prior did not allow for my usual steaming through. yet beds got watered and growth trimmed a bit here, weeds pulled a bit there but honestly, not much of anything really went down.

sunday's energy stores proved beneficial. i weeded most beds - gave over the piles and piles of goods to the chickeny creatures of which they quickly devoured. as the beds shaped up i noticed a good number of growing beauties looking a bit scrunched and crowded. so i decided it would be best to dig up a number of perennials too big for their current location. i then either split them up to multiple smaller plants and/or moved the whole lot to a new better breathing room bed.

this is good - we are now at a place where we don't really need to purchase drought tough flowering plants any longer - now we wait, let them grow out the season and split them for replanting.
a good number of split plants including maiden grass, rudbeckia, gaillardia, painted daisies, potato tree (flowers look like potato flowers) and white honeysuckle were soon located under one of the out front pecan trees. a bed freshly tilled - ahem - months ago! hey we get to things when we can around here.

also under this tree are two birdie/kitty/bee/raccoon/possum/squirrel baths. i've witnessed each and every on of those creatures at the bathes over time. now it's quite lovely under the tree - beautiful blossoms, flowing grass and fragrant smelling flowers. there are places for creatures to hide, spots for buggies and butterflies to take a breather and super fab digs for the lizard lizards of the universe. i personally dig it for it's' beauty. and so it goes - less lawn again.

all this is situated not too far from the sweet tater patch which will soon overflow with blue flowering vines. what a pretty sight it will be.
with the heat comes dry. thus we mulch mulch mulch.
with the heat comes thirsty creatures. thus we quench the daily drink.
with the heat comes mad bee action. thus we pile on supers.

kind of amazing to see the progress the wee bee creatures make in a wee short bit of time. it's time to add more supers to the hives but they will have to wait until wednesday a.m. when i've got a proper bit of time to do it right. i have yet to install the bees wax foundation into the frames. with this round, i'll add the queen excluder. this keeps brood (baby bees) below and honey production above due to the fact that the open slits in the excluder are big enough to allow workers through but not big enough for mama queen to travel through.

i may add two supers each this round as the action in around the hive has been constant and heavy. i want to give them space to grow. i'll check inside to see how things are going before i make the final decision.

that's pretty much it for now. each morning, i pick beans. soon soon soon okra - yihaaa!

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