Saturday, May 30, 2009

good morning sunshine

beautiful morning this saturday - up before the sunrise - cool-ish air fresh and clean - creatures cheery and bright and the day's song still those of nature and not of man.
soon the lawnmowers will fire up - cars and trucks will pass by - for now i spend my time with the creatures - curious cunning beings that they are.

generation three layers
in this photo from left to right - dodo, weemie, lala and lilly
my socialites - not so shy these days - and always ready for treats
just short of fourteen weeks old and looking quite lovely

these two red headed brown leghorns (dodo and lala) are quite the pair
reminding me here of fred and george weasley
any opportunity for fun and trouble here chickenmama?
weemie is the silver laced in the middle and you can see sisters frankie in background left and gerdie in background right - lilly is giving us a nice but shot on the lower right - thanks lilly

generation four have just hit six weeks
it's time i find them a place to roam in the sun by day
they'll be part of the original crazy coop extension
i've raked back the composted leaves and chicken manure. that's now living under a few happy fruit trees. now it's time for some lumber and sweat. getting close...

wabbit wabbit - still a shock of black with big wide eyes - a darling
he melts all hearts who visit

here he is wabbit wabbit beautifully backed by the early morning sunrise. he's got a new toy - this monkey's knot rope ball of which he thoroughly enjoys knocking about. i recently trimmed the apple trees a bit - their growth really took off. i saved a few sticks from the tree for wabbit wabbit's chewing pleasure - i sure hope he takes the offering. i have had to trim his teeth for him - of which he has proved an excellent sport - as he has not shown to be a big chewer on his own. fingers crossed he gets the urge.
chew baby chew!

oh this poor eggplant. proudly she stands. the leaves were attacked by spider mites of which i recently took to task with a spraying of neem. this lone fruit still hangs on and grows quite a bit day to day. all should be well once the plant has a chance to put on new - unfettered leaf growth.

this is the morning's picks all washed off
it's been a get to the ripe tomatoes before the mocking birds get to the ripe tomatoes week
they know a good looking mater when they see one
the cukes are doing well - they also suffered some spider mite damage but it does not seem to be slowing down production - i think if i keep an eye on the plants and continue the weekly neem sprayings, all will be well.

here the cardoon in flower
oh so beautiful

the flower heads of the cardoon are not edible in the same way that it's sister plant, artichoke flowers, are.
they are none the less lovely for it

toadies favorite pooling spot
basking in calm waters beneath the beauty of flowers
not so bad

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