Saturday, May 2, 2009

on the verge

the garden is on the verge of shooting into jungle mode
jungle mode entails the garden growing so tall and thick that i wonder - how the heck do i harvest all the good stuffs this hippychick universe offers? it is also the time that the canning equipment comes out and every empty jar i've got on the shelves.
not a bad problem to have.

i recently pulled up the remaining cabbages, broccolis and collards. the season for cole crops has past and it looks like the majority of my lettuce greens have gone to bolt in our recent 90˚f weather which means there is a bit of room for growing - oh my. i am pondering additional basil, possibly peppers and or a small pumpkin if i can keep the borers away. then again, sunflowers may be a good choice as they are great for both bees and birds. we'll see, we'll see.

the tomatoes i planted in early have set up well - we are lucky in that we have enjoyed a cooler bit of spring this year. the maters that i set in just a few weeks ago are growing well. i hope they flower out soon so that they might set fruit before the big heat comes and the big heat here in central texas is just around the corner. we have already experienced some seriously uncomfortable humid days. lucky for us we gain a few days break this weekend.

today will be a day of cleaning, composting and mulching.
cleaning the house - washing the floors - laundering sheets and towels - drying on the line
cleaning the chicken coops - composting the old bedding - putting in new
flipping some of the compost to keep the action high
mulching the gardens for the soon onslaught of heat

and if i get to this today great if not, tomorrow. the sweet potato slips are on their way so it's time to prep a bed for them. they require a great deal of room. once they get started the vines just grow and grow and grow. i've already got the spot prepped - i've just got to turn the soil a bit and possibly add a small bit of finished compost in the mix - not too much as it will deter the growth of taters and we don't want that.

it might be time to dig up some the irish taters

last bit
i keep pondering new digs for wabbit wabbit
stay tuned he just might score a new home this weekend

- full day ahead -
time to get those rubber boots on

half the list today
half the list tomorrow

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